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H A I R  S E R V I C E S

Base prices include and are not limited to: time, product, and Professional Hair Designer's level of expertise. Pricing is subject to increase if additional time, product, and/or expertise is needed to accommodate your particular hair needs. Please feel free to contact your stylist with any questions or concerns.

As of February 1st 2019 bowl treatments are now included in all haircuts & styles.  They are customized to specifically address concerns/challenges you may be having with your hair while enhancing your natural look; your stylist will identify which one will be best for you. Benefits to bowl treatments include: deep healthy cleansing, stimulates and revitalizes hair growth, supports anti-aging, seals color, strengthens hair, helps with thinning hair, dandruff, psoriasis, itchy scalp, soothes, repairs, adds shine, moisturizes, softens, & protects.

($30 value al la carte )


Women's (60 min)

Men's (30 min)

Kid's (30 min)

Hair Color Classic

Solid Color (2 hr)  
2 Colors (2.15 hr)

3 Colors (2.15 hr)       

Highlight (2.15 hr)       

Lowlight  (2.15 hr)                 

Retouch  (1.5 hr)                    

Partial     (1.5 hr)


Revive Salon Company's pricing is based on a level system. All service prices are based on the demand on their time that our service providers have earned. Prices listed reflect this range.












EasiHair Pro Extensions $600+

EasiHair  is a revolutionary hair lengthening, volumizing, and coloring system that is durable and safe for ALL hair types.  This patented system features virtually undetectable panels of hair which seamlessly and naturally apply to hair!

AGAVE  $250+

Instantly & safely smooths-out up to 100% frizz and volume, and reduces curl retention by 80%. There’s no formaldehyde derivatives, making it one of the safest salon treatments available. With an exclusive Amino Acid Complex called Carbo-C, Agave Smoothing gently alters the hair’s disulphide bonds, reforming them to make the hair sleek & smooth. Agave plant sugars help hydrate & condition.

(2 hours)

"I had my first ever visit to Revive Day Spa today. I came in for the $20 style promotion. I had Rebecca as my stylist. She was so friendly & knowledgeable about all the products she was using! I had a very good first experience! I love the atmosphere of your salon & it was VERY clean! I am so impressed. I had a hair appointment scheduled for at another salon; I rebooked that appointment with Revive immediately. WOW! Thank you for a wonderful experience! I can’t wait to come back!"      

Alexandra Hanson

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