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N A I L  S E R V I C E S

Acrylic Manicures

Full Set Manicure  $102+

Fill Manicure           $84+


Dip Manicures    

Fresh Dip Manicure  $84+

Removal Recondition. $54+


Classic                     $43-$86

Shellac                    $63-$106
European               $85-$127

Couples Classic     $62-$100 Each

Couples Shellac    $73-$112 Each

Couples Euro        $100-$147 Each


Classic                    $49-$86

Shellac                   $68-$105
European              $87-$125

Couples Classic    $78-$112 Each

Couples Shellac    $86-$126 Each

Couples Euro        $122-$165 Each


Application       $36-$77

Add On              $19+

Removal            $12+


Mani                  $24-$42

Pedi                   $29-$52

Mani/Pedi         $43-$67


A breakthrough UV3 technology that combines the ease of polish with the permanence of gels. It can withstand the rigors of daily wear for up to 14 days, which then usually needs to be professionally removed because of nail growth. With mirror finish, zero dry time, and no nail damage, you will never want to go back to regular polish!


 "No more smudged toes!  No waiting to put on shoes or sandals."

"Pedicure or Manicure treatments can be a wonderful form of pampering, and can lift your spirits and soothe your aching hands & feet at the same time."

Classic Manicure

This classic treatment is considered hand therapy.  The customized care for your hands includes proper maintenance and grooming of nails & cuticles, personalized massage, exfoliation, and complete with a CND Vinylux polish application.   (60 minutes)


Shellac Manicure

Begin with a sensation soak. Then we reshape your nails, cuticle detail, buffing them into a healthy shine. We add a sugar exfoliation to arms and hands leaving them silky soft.  Finish the treatment with a Shellac polish.  (60 minutes)


European Manicure

This treatment will soothe and hydrate hands and includes: shaping, buffing, cuticle detail, with addition of light exfoliation to your hands and arms to condition leaving them silky soft; a cooling mask treatment to your arm wrap with warm towels; indulge your hands in a paraffin dip. We finish the treatment with a therapeutic massage to your arms and shellac polish. (75 minutes)


Shellac Application

Say hello to CND Shellac, it is a 14-day glorious high-gloss shine that's truly addictive. A true innovation in chip-free, extended-wear color.  We will trim & shape your nails to your preference, meticulously groom your cuticles, and professionally coat your nails with the new hybrid Shellac.  (45 minutes)


Classic Pedicure

Balance your feet and relax from your soles up as your feet and lower legs are soothed and stimulated by the spa pedicure. Includes: foot soak, reshaped nails, cuticle detail, buffing to a healthy shine, and callus remover. End your experience with a sugar scrub exfoliation and an 8 minute massage, followed by traditional CND Vinylux polish.  (60 minutes)


Shellac Pedicure

This pedicure is the hydrating pedicure you’ve been waiting for. This pampering experience starts with soaking the feet, nail care, cuticle care and shaping, callus treatment, and exfoliation, ending with a foot massage and a beautiful Shellac polish to complete your service.  (60 minutes)


European Pedicure

For the ultimate indulgence, ease your feet into a warm foot soak, reshaped nails, cuticle detail, buffing to a healthy shine, callus remover and exfoliation. Followed by a Cooling Mask on your feet and wrap with a warm towel. Indulge your feet in warm Paraffin (PARAFFIN TREATMENT soothes arthritis pain and muscle aches & heals dry or damaged skin.)  Finish treatment with a 15 minute massage followed by Shellac polish. (75 minutes)

All nail services now include the electric nail file use.  
 Revive has been endorsed by the state of South Dakota to educate/certify nail technicians on this AMAZING option.  Revive Day Spa team is Electric Nail Certified.   As of February 1st 2019 we are now including this service in applications, manicures and pedicure!
Benefits to this feature include: longer lasting polish, smoother finish, more accurate/precise cuticle/callus removal & much more relaxing for you the guest.



Revive Salon Company's pricing is based on a level system.

All service prices are based on the demand on their time that our service provider's have earned. Prices listed reflect this range

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