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Plan To Be Organized!

Staying organized can be a challenge! There are even reality shows and apps built around the struggle! Between work, family, school, kids, spouses, friends, etc... life can get a bit hectic!

Here are a few of our favorite tips to keep things organized:

1) Write things down. We love a good post-it moment, but using the many free features on our devices can also keep us accountable to our tasks.

2) Make Lists! Make lists of your lists!

3) Learn to delegate. If it's something that someone else can adequately complete, by all means let them! Help yourself out.

4) Do one thing at a time. It's great to be a multi-tasker, but if that's not your strong suit, sticking to one thing at a time is key!

5) Learn to say "no". Prioritizing your time is not only good for organization but also our mental health.

Personally, one of our favorite interactive calendar apps is called Cozi. It can be linked to any family members phone. That way when a change occurs in the calendar, it indicates the change on everyones calendar! It is super helpful with school activities and work meetings! They have a few version to try/use one of them being free!

So take a few deep breaths, and cut your wonderful self some slack. We are all but human. Staying organized is just one way to avoid unnecessary challenges! Happy organizing friends!

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