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Season Changes

Have you ever noticed that your skin conditions can change with the seasons? There are both environmental as well as situational changes that interrupt our skin cell turnover. With a change in season comes a different temperature, humidity, wind and UV exposure which can all affect changes that our body needs to respond to. Modern lifestyles with holidays and business trips to exotic destinations brings further dramatic fluctuations that the skin is constantly having to adapt to.

One key factor to keep in mind is no matter what the weather, consistent skin care regimens are crucial! A skin care routine of cleanser, toner, moisturizers and sunscreen are important in maintaining the integrity of your skin. In the summer time, perhaps opting for a lighter more gel like moisturizer is sufficient for hydration. In the winter months, switching to a heavier moisturizer or adding in a night cream may help combat dry irritated skin on the face.

You are not alone! It is completely normal to face skin changes during the season and temperature transitions. As always, stay hydrated! You only get one face and investing in quality products never returns void! Want to know what our favorite is? Visit or stop by our Spa and we would be happy to fit you with a line of their amazing products to better prepare your skin for the harsher weather conditions around the corner! You will never regret having happy skin!

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