This course provides an extensive overview of the use of electric files in salons. This course discusses the various types of electric files and also covers the use, sanitation,

disinfection, features, benefits, and bit selection for electric files. Also covered during

this course, are the proper usage techniques and the proper problem solving techniques to

apply when using an electric file.


Training Objectives:

  • Know the history of the electric file and the industries it has served

  • Understand the sanitation, disinfection, and sterilization requirements related to the

    use of electric files

  • Note the universal sanitation practice regarding electric files

  • Be familiar with the use of whirlpools

  • Identify the different kinds of electric files and their uses

  • Understand the process of electric file selection and electric file bit selection

  • Understand the different techniques for using the electric file safely

  • Proper sanitization setup, pedicure procedure, clean up hands on demonstration

    (performing & receiving proper procedures)

Topics Covered

  • Course Introduction

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to the Electric File

  • Lesson 2: Electric File and Electric File Bit Selection

  • Lesson 3: Techniques, Problem Solving and Machine Care and Maintenance

  • Lesson 4: Complete Electric File Training Video

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