Trinity Martin

Front Desk Manager

I always offer our guests warm welcomes and attentive care during appointments, including education and advice on product purchases. 

Favorite Product

I've got two, Complexion Rescue and 21 Essential Benefits Spray. I love the Complexion Rescue for its moisture, SPF, and its light weight wear. I love 21 Essential Benefits because it is super easy to use. The de-tangler, anti-frizz, and heat protection are my favorite benefits.


J.R.R. Tolkien did not live an easy life, but overcame his situation. He cultivated his passions and worked to become a successful author and professor. I admire his literature and the depth and history of his fiction. Personally, I hope to keep my passions and work towards success in the same way!


Makeup Applications

Ear Piercings


Interacting with customers and building relationships over time are just a few amazing aspects of my job. I also love doing makeup applications!