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Welcome to Revive Day Spa founded in 2008 & Apprenticeship Program founded in 2014.  Fallon Helm, had the vision to bring beauty and business together. BABE (Business And Beauty Education) quickly became a passion that was fulfilled through the mentorship & success of Revive cosmetologists’.  The need for business education was quickly recognized and with the traditional B.S. in Finance, Economics, Marketing & Management Fallon Helm was eager to support the future of many more students and professionals in this incredibly lucrative career.  Through the development and collaboration with, Revive Day Spa’s leadership team, and the State of South Dakota the Revive Day Spa Apprentice program was born. Revive now has many talented Instructors and the opportunity to offer up to 8 apprentice opportunities at a time!

Revive Day Spa understands the challenges students can face when it comes to financing your career investment. To assist with the cost of education, Revive Day Spa Apprenticeship offers a scholarship opportunity for those who qualify.  Explore the option below, and then fill out the quick form to get the process started. Our admissions representative will contact you and provide a personalized experience as you navigate your way through the application process.  Revive Day Spa developed a curriculum that teaches our students the necessary technical skills along with business, marketing, and guest handling tools that better prepares them for a career after graduation. This approach reduces or eliminates the necessity for the training period in salons and can provide a competitive advantage for our grads in the marketplace. The Revive Day Spa Apprenticeship has been modeled after the State of South Dakota's State Board of Cosmetology Apprenticeship. 

Cosmetology Apprenticeship Guidelines 

The Cosmetology Apprenticeship guide is utilized as a contract between the State of South Dakota, Revive Salon & Spa, and Revive Day Spa Apprentice Program. The program covers important aspects of the salon industry such as commitment, state required curriculum, expectations, service providing, business building, professional responsibilities, classroom, and homework. 



Commitment to the program is crucial. Success is directly related to the amount of effort and dedication to the program. Guidelines and duties have been identified to assist in the successful completion of the program and are included in this guide for reference.



The salon is considered a learning school of cosmetology by the State of South Dakota. The apprenticeship program shall provide and maintain guidelines, rules and duties similar to a cosmetology school.  Excessive absence or lack of follow through on assignments can lead to the termination from the program. The apprentice will receive progress review’s to measure the rate of which the apprentice is progressing.  We eagerly await your entry & welcome you to an amazing industry.

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BABE has expanded beyond the 4 walls of Revive. The success of the apprenticeship program was one of many influences inspiring the creation of BABE - Beauty And Business Education. Many coaching certifications, years of experience, and many continuing education opportunities all over the county have resulted in the desire to empower fellow salon owners to push themselves and their businesses to the next level. BABE now provides many certifications, State approved continuing ed. credits, Memberships, and a number of educational resources and programs. If you are interested in hearing more, don't hesitate to reach out with the chat box!

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