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Preparing instructors for successful classroom practices. A code of honor is the

starting point when beginning a program; explaining what ethics are, the importance and

how ethics contribute to long term success is essential. Listening to the student allows

the instructor to lead much more effectively and demonstrate a powerful leadership,

leaving a lasting positive impression. Systematic instruction with lesson planning,

motivating, and communicating are all nicely complimented through structured policy

and procedure from the onset of a program. Positive reinforcement (discipline) is the

rendered result of assertive leadership, communication, and demonstration of

presentation preparations. FAIL is simply FIRST ATTEMPT AT LEARNING.



• Introduction to Ethics: The Most Important Part of the Program

• Module 1: Instructor/Student Communication Skills & Resources

• Module 2: Lead with The Need- Leadership Through Listening

• Module 3: Fail to Plan – Plan to Fail (Time Management & Lesson Planning)

• Module 4: Manage the System Motivate the Student

• Module 5: Secrets to Success with Positive Reinforcement Through Policy & Procedure

Introduction to Instructor Management: Cosmetology, Esthetician & Nail Tech

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